Discover the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication with Deemas Fashion’s wide range of dresses featuring embellished necklines and intricate embroidery, especially Nikah dresses. From delicate beadwork to intricate stitching, our collection showcases various styles to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you prefer subtle embellishments for a touch of understated glamour or bold embroidery to make a statement, our dresses are meticulously crafted to elevate your style. Indulge in the luxurious fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship that define our neckline embellishments, ensuring you radiate confidence and grace at every event. Explore our stunning collection and find the perfect dress to enhance your neckline with Deemas Fashion.

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Tea Pink Front Open Short Jacket – Inner Shirt n Lehenga

Rich shades and stunning details of party outfit – you’ll be making heads turn. This 2 pieces outfit with a short front open shirt, full sleeves with floral pattern and embellishments on organza fabric; the asymmetrically placed designs are studded with golden and silver embroidery which is further highlighted with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the intricate details of Zardozi. The embellished neckline has the finest details. It is paired up with the inner shirt that is also embellished to make this luxury attire unique. To complete the outfit the plain lehenga paired, just to fulfil your diva look.

Black Velvet Long Shirt n Trousers – Double Tone Dupatta

This outfit glam up in our detailed embroidered fabrics made to make you shine for every occasion. The black long shirt in premium quality velvet is beautifully decorated with multiple colour embroidery which is further enhanced with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of Zardozi. The following shirt has an embellished neckline to meet the trending grace. Further, the half sleeves are adorned with floral motifs. It is coordinated with trousers in the same colour to balance the overall royal look of this party wear. Complete this article with a dupatta in the double shade that is a beautiful piece for a bridesmaid who has a unique taste.

Deep Crimson Long Shirt – Sharara – Green Dupatta

Dreamy details that scream crimson. The day outfits you need to shine your light. DeemasFashion presents this party wear which includes a long shirt, sharara and dupatta. The deep crimson shirt gives that air of regality with its stunning work with hints of tilla, dabka, kora, and Kundan scattered with champagne-mixed stones to balance the tones. The following long silhouette velvet shirt features zari and zardozi embroidery details on the embellished neckline. Further, the full sleeves are also decorated with floral motifs. It is systemized with sharara in the same colour to balance the royal look. Finish this article with a dupatta in green colour which is adorned with tiny floral motifs all over to brighten the day.

Plum Velvet Long Shirt Trousers – Green Dupatta

Dress yourself up in glamorous ensembles. DeemasFaashion presents this beautiful party outfit in plum colour. It is highlighted with golden embroidery which is further enhanced with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of zardozi. The full sleeves are embellished with sequins spray and floral motifs. In addition to this, the embroidered neckline makes this outfit more pretty. It is paired with maroon trousers with beautiful and stunning borders to balance the article. Complete this article with a dupatta in green and plum colour to fulfil the aesthetic look.

Soft Brown Short Shirt – Sharara n Dupatta

This ensemble is an absolute vibe with a tempting design on a beautiful base!  This beautiful party wear is designed in soft brown colour which is modern yet classy. The short shirt is adorned with silver embroidery which is further enhanced with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the details of Zardozi. The beautiful tussles also hang on the bottom of the embellished neckline to make it a perfect choice for everyone Further, the floral patterns on full sleeves also intensify the charms of the outfit. It is coordinated with a sharara to balance the overall look. Complete this with a dupatta embellished with a four-sided border and floral jaal all over.

Tea Rose Blouse – Flare Lehenga n Dupatta

Trendy embroidery on a classic base – A perfect combination for your Nikah! DeemasFashion presents the tea rose article which is laboriously embellished with light golden embroidery which is further enhanced with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and beautiful details of Zardozi. The neckline is decorated with handsome embroidery. Further, the full sleeves of the blouse are unique in style and have a classy look and perfect choice for a bride. It is paired with flared lehenga which is heavily ornamented with embroidery to make your day memorable. Complete this article with a dupatta, framed with four-sided borders and sequins spray all over which is giving a charming finishing look to the dress.

Fawn Front Open Scalloped Maxi – Sharara n Duaptta

The subtle colour palette, delicate embroidery and eye-catching details. All in all a true style statement! Presenting this fawn maxi which is a luxuriously encrusted masterpiece is laden with tilla, dabka kora, stones,  and delicate Resham. The following front open scalloped maxi is adorned with silver embroidery to make your Nikah day remarkable. The embellished neckline along with the sleeveless style makes you a pretty and unique bride ever. Paired up this article with a sharara whose border is adorned with embroidery. Finish this outfit with a dupatta, framed with four-sided borders and sequins sprayed all over for attractiveness and marvellous details.

Steel Grey Front Open Gown – Straight Trousers

Balancing outfit lovers here’s your style treat! The handsome and charming steel grey attire is an epitome of elegance and royalty that gives you a head-turning appearance on the party occasion. The front open gown is laden with silver embroidery that is further enhanced with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, and luxuries of crystals. The round neckline of this gown is emblazoned with luxury designs and embroidery. In addition to this, the sleeveless style makes this article a masterpiece. Paired up with straight trousers to balance the look of this exquisite article.

Rust Blouse And Dupatta – Ivory Can-Can Lehenga

The perfect outfit for walima to enhance your glow. Starting this article with a dream rust blouse having a strap neckline and prominent sleeveless style to embrace the romantic culture. The following blouse is fully embellished with golden embroidery that is prominent with tilla, dabka, kora, pearls and sequins spray to fulfil your dreamy look. It is coordinated with an ivory can-can lehenga whose border is again rendered with golden embroidery and sequins sprayed all over to continue the look. Complete this outfit with a rust dupatta which is embellished with four-sided borders and sequins sprayed all over to enhance the glow of the bride.

Teal Blue Front Open Pishwas – Fluffy Lehenga

Blue defines your beauty and glows your face at any party event.  Starting this article with teal blue front open pishwas that are decorated with handsome golden embroidery placed like floral motifs. It is prominent with tilla, dabka, kora and Kundan to enhance the gold in blue. In addition to this, it is styled with a sleeveless and round neckline to make your day better and the best. The following pishwas are coordinated with a can-can lehenga whose border is again adorned with heavy embellishment  Complete this party look with a teal blue dupatta that is rendered with four-sided borders and floral motifs all over to put a glow on your face.

Bright Yellow Blouse Lehenga

Yellow is just associated with mehndi as the sun is associated with brightness. DeemsFashion presents the bright yellow mehndi outfit which laboriously begins with a blouse which is handsomely hand-rendered with silver and copper embroidery to make your day super duper bright. The boat shape neckline and full sleeves of this mehndi outfit add to the breathtaking dream of the bride. It is paired up with a lehenga in the same colours which is adorned with floral motifs and bordered embroidery as well. Complete this mehndi outfit with a dupatta in the same colour adorned with a four-sided embellished border and sequins sprayed all over.

Black Long Shirt – Sharara – Scalloped Dupatta

Black is just a vibe at any kind of party. DeemasFashion presents a luscious black base that serves as a canvas for a gorgeous long shirt which is beautifully decorated with light golden embroidery. The fascinating embroidery vague the terms tilla, kora, dabka and zardozi to make your party a shining one. Further, the sleeveless style of the long shirt gives a romantic look to party wear. This party wear is coordinated with black sharara which is again ornamented with light golden embroidery. In parallel to the shirt and sharara, the dupatta in the same colour is also embellished with four-sided borders as well.

Silver Gray Maxi – Back Train Shimmery Frill Lehenga

Walking into a new chapter of your life with the joy of togetherness and the magic of love. DeemasFashion presents a Walima day outfit in a silver-grey maxi for Walima day that is handsomely adorned with silver embroidery that comprises tilla, kora, dabka and crystal work. It is featured a round neckline and full sleeves that grant you the feeling of joy. This outfit with a back train shimmery lehenga which is beautifully organised with the same colour frill that enhances the overall charms of the unique article. Finish this outfit look with the same colour dupatta that is embellished with a four-sided border. Carry this article on your Walima day and surprise your loved ones with this fairy look.

Nude Peach Multiple Panel Frock – Sharara

It's lustrous, lush and lavish in every sense of the word with its dazzling nude peach base. The Nikah outfit in a nude peach multiple-panel frock is amazing for your nikah day. The V shape neckline is heavily embellished with embroidery. Further, this aesthetic nude peach frock is enhanced with silver pearls, tilla and dabka work. It is prominent with full sleeves that give a soothing effect to this article. Nikah's outfit is complete in its pleasing loudness with an equal nude peach sharara that is adorned with silver embroidery just to fulfil the fairy dream of every bride.

Peach Blouse Fluffy Center Open Lehenga

The soft touch of peach into fresh buds blooming in the garden. This peach walima wear is a perfect pick for your Walima day which is starting with a peach blouse and is heavily ornamented with silver and golden tilla, kora and zardozi work to enhance the fresh look of a bride. In addition to this, it is highlighted with V shape neckline and combined with full sleeves to glow like the flower in the garden. It is paired up with the same colour centre open fluffy lehenga which is enhanced with the bottom frill to fulfil the dream of every girl.  Complete this article with the same colour dupatta which is embellished with four-sided Kiran.

Pistachio Green Front Open Short Frock – Fluffy Lehenga

She was a dreamer, and so are we. A walima wears a pistachio green front open short frock that serves as a canvas for gold and pistachio green work with the magic of tilla, dabka, semi-precious stones and pearls. The V shape neckline is highlighted with full sleeves to add a galaxy in eyes of every bride. In addition to this, it is organized with the same colour fluffy lehenga which is again adorned with heavy golden embroidery to express the love of the bride on her Walima day. Finish this walima wear with the same colour dupatta which is embellished with four-sided borders and sequins sprayed all over.

Black Can-Can Maxi – Dupatta

Black is just associated with a romantic evening. To make your event super dazzling in Pakistani Party Dress and take a title of the start of the night so just go with our black can-can maxi. The body of the maxi is finished with golden embroidery which embraces golden tilla, dabka, kora and zardozi work. The full sleeves of the maxi added an astonishing vibe when paired up with the V shape neckline. Furthermore, the bottom line of the maxi is again embellished with heavy golden work. Pakistani Party Dress is organized with a black dupatta which is embellished with four-sided borders and sequins sprayed all over.

Magenta Lehenga Blouse – Orange Dupatta

The outfit defines the true essence of allure with its spellbinding magenta hue and intricate details for the mehndi bride. The blouse is decorated with golden embroidery based on the neckline and sleeves. The sleeves are further enhanced with the embellished handwork. It is beautifully organized with a magenta lehenga that is again heavily embellished with golden embroidery that is just adding poise to the whole look. Paired along with an orange dupatta decorated with subtly adorned motifs and embellished border that is completing this Mehndi looks wondrously.

Mustard Short Shirt Sharara as Bridal Mehndi Wear

As we seek outside the wonders we carry inside us. So, to attain that wonder DeemasFashion introduces a Mustard short shirt and Sharara as Mehndi wear. A Short shirt featuring a stunning front, full sleeves, and remarkable embroidery on a round neckline, initiates the attractiveness of this dress. Further, the apparel displays light golden embroidery that brightens up its victorious look, making it a bridal favourite mehndi wear. Finish this look with an organza dupatta with an embellished border that increases the beauty of this outfit. Sharara is emphasized with intricate embroidery on the border and scattered floral motifs.

Maroon Crushed Frock Palazzo

A picture of pure elegance with maroon crushed frock enhanced with the embellished golden embroidered neckline as Pakistani party wear. The neckline is adorned with golden kora, dabka and tilla work. Beautifully paired up with palazzo delicately crafted with embroidery on the border on this Pakistani party attire. With a lot of attention to detail, the intricate zardozi work using zardozi work and tilla makes the dress look like nothing but a dream. Dupatta is emphasized with lace all around the borders.

Bottle Green Short Shirt Dupatta – Gharara

The eccentric Bottle Green outfit sings a melody just for your Mehndi function! The Gharara in bottle green is enriched with golden embroidery to create a modern vibe. This surprising full-sleeved shirt presents an outstanding sweetheart neckline, embellished with the finest work of golden and silver embroidery, and adorned with pearls while the details make it perfectly festive. Style it up with an organza dupatta which is sprinkled with sequins all over and four sides Kiran to give it a dreamy royal look on Mehndi or Mayon Day.

Maroon Velvet Lehenga Blouse – Scalloped Dupatta

With the right outfit, every bride can rule the world! As nothing makes a bride more beautiful than the trust of her outfit. Introducing a maroon half sleeves blouse that is fully embellished with tilla, kora and dabka work. In addition to this, the boat shape neckline of this blouse is made with pure velvet giving you a dreamy look. It is synchronized with a velvet lehenga that is adorned with priceless heavy embroidery. Finish this look with an organza dupatta, embellished with embroidered scalloped borders to give you a relaxing and soothing look at your reception.

Maroon Can Can Lehenga Blouse

We're sure that all girls love slipping into "maroon outfits for the wedding of Pakistani Brides" So, we create this maroon article that will capture your moments on your big day. All details of the blouse are just amazing as it is adorned with golden tilla, kora, dabka embroidery. Just look closely at the boat shape neckline of the blouse that gives super-duper look when combine with full-length sleeves. Furthermore, it is coordinated with Can-Can lehenga just to boost up your day by giving dreamy look. Conclude this maroon article with a chiffon dupatta that has a four-sided embellished border to capture your moments.

Beige Blouse Orange Lehenga – Green Dupatta

You have got plans for your mehndi or Mayon? DeemasFashion got you to look!  Just go bold and bright with a beige blouse that is garnished with the same colour thread embroidery and the blouse is highlighted with a square neckline and full sleeves. Further, the bottom of the blouse is adorned with red pearls that grant you a brilliant look. It is paired up with an orange lehenga that border is attractively enriched with golden embroidery and sequins spray all over specially designed as a bridal mehndi dress. Finish this look with a green dupatta that is sprinkled with a four-sided Kiran and four sider border as well.