Deemas Fashion offers a wide range and made-to-measure facilities for bridal Nikah dresses. Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and the beginning of an eternal love story so make it super perfect with the perfect dress offered by Deemas Fashion. People enjoy preparing for these functions, visiting relatives, and choosing dresses to wear, though the whole environment is filled with entertainment and happiness. Similarly, these days are as busy and exhausting as enjoyable as they are.

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Salmon Pink Tissue Sharara Shirt Net Dupatta

Introducing our Salmon pink Nikah dress, a true embodiment of purity and simplicity for your special ceremony. This elegant ensemble is thoughtfully designed with dark antique shades of embroidery which involves tilla, dabka, Kora, Kundan and minimalist silhouette, allowing your natural beauty to shine on this sacred occasion. Crafted from the finest fabrics, it is organized with border embellished sharara that give you grace as you exchange your vows. The classic dupatta in the same colour symbolizes the essence of the Nikah, while delicate embellishments add a touch of sophistication. Make your union even more memorable with our Nikah dress, perfectly tailored to honor the solemnity of the moment.

Salmon Pink Shirt Sharara Dupatta for Nikah

Introducing our exquisite Salmon Pink Nikah dress, a masterpiece designed to make your special day truly memorable. Crafted with utmost precision, this Nikah dress is a blend of tradition and elegance, perfect for your sacred union. Its intricate detailing and delicate embroidery which involves tilla, dabka, kora and Kundan showcase the essence of timeless beauty, enhancing the radiance of the bride. With its bordered embellished sharara made from premium materials, this Nikah dress ensures both comfort and style, allowing you to gracefully step into your new chapter. It is paired up with a dupatta having four sides embellished border. Elevate your Nikah ceremony with this enchanting dress, an embodiment of love and devotion.

Light Golden Front Open Maxi – Can-Can Lehenga

Make a statement wherever you go with a great selection. The front open maxi in an alluring gold shade is beautifully adorned with hand-crafted silver and gold embellishments. Intricate details of tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, Zardozi, and sequins give a royal look to this Nikah Dress. The following maxi comes in full sleeves and a round neckline. It is systemized with a lehenga having border embellishments to make your day lovely and amazing. Complete this outfit with a dupatta in the same colour enveloped with a four-sided adorned border and spray of sequins all over to make it truly regal and amazing.

Bright Red Blouse – Flared Lehenga n Peach Dupatta

Introducing our Nikah dress, a timeless symbol of purity and grace, tailored for your sacred union. This exquisite bright red blouse is designed with a delicate and modest floral embroidery, accentuating the significance of the moment. It is arranged with flared lehenga in the same colour that ensures both comfort and sophistication as you exchange vows. The classic peach colour dupatta reflects the solemnity of the Nikah, while subtle embellishments add a touch of elegance. Make your special day even more memorable with our meticulously tailored Nikah dress, honouring the sanctity of this beautiful occasion.

Pearl White Blouse – Can-Can Lehenga n Dupatta

Elevate your Walima celebration with our exceptional pearl white Nikah outfit. This outfit is a masterpiece of elegance, featuring intricate embellishments and premium materials. Carefully crafted design offers a comfortable and flattering fit having multiple colour embroidery which involves tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of Zardozi, ensuring you look and feel your best. Available with a can-can lehenga and dupatta, this ensemble seamlessly combines tradition and modernity. Make your Nikah a truly memorable occasion with our exquisitely tailored outfit, designed to enhance your natural beauty and captivate all in attendance.  The dress comes with a single dupatta. It has a mixture of machine and hand embroidery but we will only do hand embroidery.

Soft Green Peplum – Double Layered Lehenga

Elevate your elegance with our exquisite Soft green Nikah outfit, meticulously crafted for your special day. This enchanting ensemble features intricate silver and grey embroidery which involves tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, and luxurious fabrics, making it a symbol of grace and sophistication. The flowing peplum jewel neckline is coordinated with double layers of lehenga to ensure a comfortable and stunning fit, while the rich colour palette exudes timeless charm. Our Nikah outfit is the perfect choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and contemporary style, making you the centre of attention on your memorable occasion. Make a lasting impression with this opulent attire, we completed this look with a dupatta with sequins sprayed all over, tailored to perfection for your celebration.

Gray Flared Heavy Maxi n Dupatta

Awe-inspiring embellishments on luxurious Gray canvas for an ultra-bride look on nikkah. A Gray flared maxi, heavily hand embellished with floral branches and botanical motifs. The full sleeves are covered with attractive geometrical patterns. Further, the V-shaped neckline is beautifully decorated with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of Zardozi. The following maxi is further intensified with multiple colour embroidery and matching embellishments to give you a royal touch. A beautiful organza dupatta with sequins spray and a beautiful embellished border completes the look.

Violet Scalloped Long Shirt Silky Tea Rose Lehenga

Introducing our stunning Nikah outfit in a rich violet hue, featuring a beautifully detailed Scalloped Long Shirt paired with a luxurious Silky Tea Rose Lehenga. This ensemble embodies sophistication and tradition with its intricate silver and multi-colour embellishments and elegant design which involves tilla, dabka, Kora and real magic of Zardozi that is perfect for the sacred union of Nikah. The regal attire offers a graceful and flattering silhouette, ensuring comfort and a majestic presence on your special day. The harmonious combination of colours and meticulous craftsmanship make it an exquisite choice for this solemn occasion. Elevate the sanctity of your union with this meticulously crafted Nikah outfit, designed to enhance your beauty and radiance.

Aqua Blue Heavy Maxi – Back Train Lehenga n Dupatta

Let your outfit define your Nikah day. Deemas Fashion presents this outfit in aqua blue to win everyone's hearts at the very first glance. The maxi is decorated with golden and multiple colour embroidery which is further intensified with tilla dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of zardozi. The sweetheart neckline of the following maxi steals the spotlight of the event. In addition to this, the style of the full sleeves gives you your dreamy appearance. It is systemized with back train fawn lehenga which is also embellished with embroidery to make your day. The overall charm of the maxi and Lehenga is enhanced when paired with a delicate and diaphanous dupatta, framed with four-sided borders and sequins sprayed all over.  

Light Fawn Flared Frock – Plain Lehenga – Embroidered Dupatta

DeemasFashion presents this Nikah outfit, an embellished masterpiece that wins everyone’s hearts at first glance with its charm and elegance. The frock in the light fawn has laden with multiple colour embroidery which makes this attire a head-turning masterpiece. Further, the round neckline is fully embellished with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, and pearls, giving it a magical look. The full-sleeved style makes this outfit a little attractive but super charming. Paired up with a plain lehenga to make your day. Complete this article with a dupatta, framed with a four-sided border.

Tea Rose Back Train Heavy Maxi Lehenga – Dupatta

Deemas Fashion Tea Rose dress is an assortment of celebrations and rituals where luxury plays a significant role. This fully embellished traditional dress makes abandoned use of tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of Zardozi. The following maxi is further enhanced with multiple colour embroidery to make your day more charming with this nikah outfit. The full sleeves, back train and huge flare are perfectly enriched with embroidery, so no element of the dress or the bride herself is without decoration. Finish this article with a dupatta which is adorned with a four-sided embellished border.

Light Brown Front Open Gown Flared Lehenga – Dupatta

Ultra feminine look in an enthralling shade of brown for an aesthetically pleasing style statement. The beautiful light brown front open scalloped maxi with a medley of hand-embellished floral motifs of silver colour is intensified with tilla, dabka, Kora, Kundan and details of Zardozi. The neckline has an embellished V shape to add elegance and sophistication. Further, the full sleeve style of the following maxi enhances the charms. It is paired with a flared lehenga to complete the view of the nikah article. A frilled net dupatta is finished to complete a gorgeous outfit.

Peach Blouse – Can Can Lehenga n Dupatta

This elegantly poised nikah wear defines trendy fashion in its most acceptable form! The lehenga blouse is in the peach shade and hand-embellished with pearls, tilla, Resham, and dabka. Lavish designs on full sleeves and fine details on the sweetheart neckline make this breathtaking blouse your foremost priority for the wedding day. The blouse is enhanced with multiple colour embroidery to make your day more aesthetic. It is paired up with a can-can lehenga that is adorned with heavy embroidery for perfection. A delicate dupatta is paired with this alluring Lehenga Choli that gives a magnificent look to the gorgeous bride is adorned with four-sided borders and tiny floral motifs all over.

Silver Embellished Blouse n Flared Saree

It's an aesthetic kinda mood. A silver blouse hand embellished with dabka, cut dana, Resham, tilla, kora, sequin and Kundan. A heavily embellished blouse featuring floral patterns encompassing a breathtaking keyhole and vertical embellishments along the strips of the back flare. The V-shaped neckline of the blouse looks divine when comes with a sleeveless style. It is paired with a scalloped saree with an embellished border and the pallu is decorated with silver embroidery to make this Nikah outfit lovely.

Mint Green Long Shirt – Flared Lehenga

The timelessly classic mint green nikah outfit! The beautiful model looks ravishing in this mint green shirt, heavily hand-embellished with floral motifs and sequins spray. The back of the shirt is sprayed with sequins and has an embellished border; an embellished front and back panel border makes this outfit unique. The V-shaped neckline adds super beauty to the outfit which involves tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of crystals. Further, the sleeveless style is for extra comfort zone. It is paired with a flared lehenga with an intricately embellished border.

Brown Blouse – Frilled Lehenga n Dupatta

A dreamy statement of brown nikah outfit! This dress proffers a brown hue with its glamorous silver embroidery. The handsome embellishments include tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of Zardozi. The blouse has a boat-shaped neckline to enhance the features. Further, the floral patterns on full sleeves make this outfit more lovely. It is paired up with meticulously handcrafted lehnga which is bold enough to stand out in the crowd. Complete this article with a scalloped dupatta in the same colour framed with a four-sided border and sequin sprayed all over to make it dreamy.

Ivory Scalloped Flared Maxi – Dupatta

Bright nikah outfits are a constant ongoing trend! Take your look to the next level with this ivory scalloped maxi having silver and golden embellishment frames. The following maxi is highlighted with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, and the beautiful details of Zardozi. The jewel neckline reveals layers of priority. Furthermore, the floral patterns on full sleeves look like a complete diva.  The beautiful dupatta is framed with a floral scalloped border on all sides to give a vibrant and soft look.  

Fawn Ruffled Back Train Maxi – Dupatta

If you're seeking an imperial sensation, the Fawn Back Train Ruffled Maxi would draw everyone's attention out of its soothing royal appearance. A full-sleeved maxi with a fascinating backtrain features a unique boat-shaped neckline to give this awesome bridal wear a Western touch. To add the cherry on top, master artwork of silver embroidery is styled over its supreme matching embellishment and frilled bottom. A distinctive, yet highly gorgeous combination of a tissue maxi, a graceful silk churidar pyjama and a glamorous dupatta made out of pure organza completes this paragon of royalty. With its laudable design, this attire is surely going to make you the star of the night on your Walima or nikkah day.

Off White Frock – Flared Lehenga n Dupatta

A sophisticated splash of off-white as your nikah outfit! With its round neckline and full sleeves, this outfit has a fine fusion look. Utilizing attractive silver embellishment work to enhance its intricate beauty. Tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the details of Zardozi beautifully embellish the elegant frock. It is paired with a flared lehenga to balance the overall look of this charming article. Finish this soft and bold look with a heavily bordered four-sided dupatta with a spray of sequins all over to make your Big day super aesthetic.

Golden Front Open Gown – Lehenga n Dupatta

Bold, edgy, and wrapped in glamour. A sumptuous palette of gold with silver delicate embroidery, signature handcrafted embellishment includes tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, Zardozi and crystals. Take your look to the next level with this golden front open gown which has V shape neckline and full sleeves. The floral patterns on the following gown just steal everyone's heart on your big day. It is paired up with a lehenga to enhance the beauty of this nikah outfit. Complete this article with a dupatta framed with four-sided embellished borders and sequins sprayed all over to wrap you in a bold outfit.

Nikah Bridal Wear Light Fawn Front Open Heavy Maxi – Lehenga

Make a statement with a light fawn article on your nikah day! DeemasFashion presents the light fawn heavy maxi which is embellished with silver embroidery using dabka, tilla, kora, Zardozi, Swarovski, Mukesh, sequin and Kundan. The strap neckline adds a little romanticness to the dress. Further, the floral patterns on full sleeves make this masterpiece modern and unique. It is paired with a  lehenga, embellished with a delicate border. It is styled with a dupatta; its surface is sprayed with sequin and the dupatta is enveloped by a heavily embellished floral border.    

Rose Pink Heavy Short Shirt – Scalloped Lehenga n Dupatta

Let your nikah outfit do the talking.  An elegant rhyme to tradition, this short shirt and lehenga create aesthetical magic with its eye-catching hues of rose pink. The beautiful article shines with silver embellishments and an amalgamation of floral patterns which is enhanced with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the detailing of Zardozi.  The full sleeves are heavily embroidered with floral patterns. Further, the V-shaped neckline makes this epitome of beauty. The lehenga is also intensified with beautiful embroidery. The perfect opulent short-shirt lehenga outfit is paired with an organza dupatta which is adorned with a four-sided embellished border and sequins sprayed all over.

Ivory Floor Length Kaftan for Nikkah

A little classy, a little sassy – that’s your style! An ivory floor-length kaftan with hand embellished work using dabka, naqshi, cut dana, Resham,  Mukesh, sequin and Kundan.  The beauty of this bridal lies in the geometric pattern of light golden embroidery. The V-shaped neckline is the finishing royal touch. Further, the floral motifs on full sleeves make this nikah outfit romantic and charming.  By layering this item, you can make any simple event better.

Pale Green Blouse – Long Shirt – Trousers n Dupatta

Bringing in the Nikah spirit with some flowers. Exquisite nikkah long shirt dress in pale green colour with silver pearl, sequin, kora, dabka, tilla, Zardozi, and Kundan embroidery accents. The embroidery on the whole length of the sleeves is done in flowery designs. This masterpiece is extremely special and endearing because of the boat-shaped neckline. The inner blouse of the beautiful outfit is embellished with embroidery. Also, the trousers make a wonderful match for the dupatta. To balance the entire ensemble, it is arranged with a dupatta.