Deemas Fashion offers a wide range of dresses having golden embroidery. These dresses have been embellished with golden shades of hand embroidery of Zardozi. Golden hand embroidery adds a touch of opulence and glamour to any attire, bringing forth an aura of regal elegance. Each intricate stitch gleams with a radiant lustre, enhancing the richness of the fabric it adorns. Whether adorning a traditional Nikah Bridal Wear or a contemporary Bridal Maxi, golden hand embroidery exudes luxury and sophistication. It effortlessly elevates the overall look, creating a stunning visual impact that captures attention and admiration. With its timeless appeal and shimmering allure, golden hand embroidery is a coveted choice for those seeking to make a statement of grandeur and style.

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Teal Front Open Gown Blouse Lehenga

Turn heads at your event with our exceptional Mehndi outfit, a true embodiment of individuality and style. This unique teal front open dress is a masterpiece of design, that is decorated with tilla, dabka, kora and Kundan capturing the essence of your special moment with unparalleled grace. Designed for the modern mehndi bride, its inner blouse redefines tradition with its contemporary twist, making it the perfect choice for those seeking something truly distinctive. It is coordinated with a lehenga that is the epitome of elegance and charm as you step into the spotlight wearing this extraordinary Mehndi dress. Make your event unforgettable with a bridal-style lehenga that is uniquely yours.

Light Fawn Gown – Blouse n Capri Pants

Introducing our exquisite Walima outfit, a masterpiece designed to make your special day truly unique. This dress transcends traditional boundaries, blending intricate details of kora, dabka, tilla, Kundan, Zardozi in golden color and modern aesthetics for a captivating look. Crafted with precision and care, it exudes sophistication and elegance, ensuring you steal the spotlight. Embrace the essence of your Walima celebration with this exceptional outfit that is coordinated with capri pants and blouse, tailored to reflect your distinct style. Elevate your wedding experience with a dress that's as unique as your love story.

Red Golden Embroidered Lehenga Blouse

Stand out at your reception in a very special outfit. This dress is not like any other – it's super unique. It's made of golden embroidery which involves tilla, dabka, kora and Kundan to make you look amazing and feel great. It's a mix of modern and classic styles lehenga , so you'll look different and fantastic. When you wear this bridal style dupatta in which small motifs are available, all eyes will be on you, and you'll feel wonderful. Make your reception unforgettable with this special dress that shows off your style.

Rust Blouse – Shocking Pink Flared Lehenga n Dupatta

Create a look that’s for you with just one twist of the wrist on your Mehndi day. A rust blouse serves as a canvas for crystals, tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, and the details of Zardozi. The half sleeves are decorated with silver and golden embroidery. Further, the round neckline and the hole on the back give a romantic and royal touch to this masterpiece. It is systemized with a lehenga in shocking pink colour which is also ornamented with beautiful embroidery. Its flare is just an epitome of grace. Complete this outfit with a dupatta in a shocking pink colour enveloped with a four-sided adorned border and spray of sequins all over to make it truly regal and royal.

Light Maroon Long Shirt – Farshi Lehenga

Love is not just looking at your styling, it's looking at your dress also. This beautiful reception wear features a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern, to suit every bride's unique taste. Delicate embellishments like tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and Zardozi add an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to this dress. The round neckline gives a royal touch to this outfit. Further, the full sleeve of the long shirt makes it unique. It is coordinated with a Farshi-style lehenga which is full of shimmer, we have a dress that will make you feel beautiful and confident on your special day. To complete this outfit it is systemized with a dupatta framed with a four-sided border and a floral jaal all over.

Magenta Front Open Frock – Banarsi Jamawar Sharara

Turn heads and steal the spotlight at your next party with our stunning magenta party dress. The front open frock is designed to make you stand out with its dazzling sequins and intricate details that catch the light. The sharara which is decorated with golden, antique and multiple colour embroidery ensures a comfortable and confidence-boosting fit, while the choice of vibrant colors adds a touch of vivacity to your look. Whether it's a cocktail soirée or a festive gathering, this dress is the ultimate choice for making a memorable entrance. Elevate your style and celebrate in sheer elegance with our perfectly tailored party dress.

Bright Red Blouse – Flared Lehenga n Peach Dupatta

Introducing our Nikah dress, a timeless symbol of purity and grace, tailored for your sacred union. This exquisite bright red blouse is designed with a delicate and modest floral embroidery, accentuating the significance of the moment. It is arranged with flared lehenga in the same colour that ensures both comfort and sophistication as you exchange vows. The classic peach colour dupatta reflects the solemnity of the Nikah, while subtle embellishments add a touch of elegance. Make your special day even more memorable with our meticulously tailored Nikah dress, honouring the sanctity of this beautiful occasion.

Pearl White Blouse – Can-Can Lehenga n Dupatta

Elevate your Walima celebration with our exceptional pearl white Nikah outfit. This outfit is a masterpiece of elegance, featuring intricate embellishments and premium materials. Carefully crafted design offers a comfortable and flattering fit having multiple colour embroidery which involves tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of Zardozi, ensuring you look and feel your best. Available with a can-can lehenga and dupatta, this ensemble seamlessly combines tradition and modernity. Make your Nikah a truly memorable occasion with our exquisitely tailored outfit, designed to enhance your natural beauty and captivate all in attendance.  The dress comes with a single dupatta. It has a mixture of machine and hand embroidery but we will only do hand embroidery.

Teal Angrakha – Trousers n Dupatta

Experience timeless elegance with our Pakistani Teal Angrakha party dress, a fusion of tradition and contemporary style. This stunning ensemble features an Angrakha-style top in rich teal, adorned with intricate embellishments and paired with complementing trousers and a beautifully coordinated dupatta. The outfit's regal golden embroidery which involves tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, and fine craftsmanship ensures an opulent and graceful appearance, perfect for celebratory occasions. The comfortable yet stylish cut allows freedom of movement, while the vibrant colour and detailed embroidery make it an exquisite choice for any festivity. Embrace sophistication and cultural heritage with this meticulously crafted Pakistani party dress, ideal for making a statement at any event.

Black Blouse – Lehenga n Dupatta

She wears a black colour as a Party dress and looks stunning at the event. Deemas Fashion presents this outfit in black to make your day like a flower. The maxi is adorned with golden embroidery which is further enhanced with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and details of crystal to make the masterpiece a unique one. The round neckline of the blouse is also adorned with embroidery to give a magical look. In addition to this, the full sleeves are also decorated to make your day lovely and charming. Paired up the following blouse with a lehenga a border embellished. Complete this article with a dupatta framed with fully embellished borders and sequins sprayed all over.

Maroon Shirt – Brocade Lehenga with Frill – Tissue Dupatta

Unique and eye-catching styles keep you looking effortlessly graceful. The maroon colour is the perfect feminine and delicate shade with its meticulously crafted untruth The gorgeous shirt is embellished with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, and Zardozi. The colour of the embroidery is Antique. Everyone is captivated by the shirt’s boat-shaped neckline. Moreover, the shirt’s full sleeves are embellished with floral designs. It is coordinated with a lehenga with a beautiful border embellished. Complete this outfit with a dupatta framed with four-sided embellished scalloped borders.

Magenta Anarkali – Back Trail Colourful Lehenga

Be a dreamy vision in this reception wear. The beautiful Anarkali in magenta is embellished with intricate designs and fine details. It is enhanced with hand-crafted golden embroidery with details of tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and magic of Zardozi. The round neckline and full sleeves feature a heavily crafted floral pattern enhanced by work detailing. This Anarkali is organized with a filled lehenga whose border is beautifully decorated with embroidery making it an epitome of beauty and grace. Furthermore, The embellished borders of the golden dupatta give a perfectly glamorous look to the beautiful overall outfit.

Pale Peach Open Gown – Back Trail Lehenga

Your words about your special day are expertly written in this beautiful dress. This Pale Peach front open gown is a picture of elegance and majesty. Antique shades of kora, pearls, tilla, kora, Kundan, zardozi, and the true magic of beads are used to embellish the stunning garment. Golden and antique shades of embroidery on it make it stand out. The Boat-shaped neckline of the dress elevates this ensemble. Moreover, full sleeves are embellished with lovely embroidery. Pairing the richly embroidered Pale Peach gown with a set of simple frilled lehenga and inner frock would look stunning. To achieve professional magic, it is set up with a dupatta that is bordered with four-sided borders and a spray of sequins all over.

Deep Red Frock – Fish Cut Sharara – Dupatta

Deep shades of this reception wear just to brighten up your days. The deep red frock is intricately emblazoned with golden embellishments. Red floral designs and threads give an elegant touch to the frock Graceful details of tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and Zardozi make this beautiful frock a perfect choice to pair with Wedding sharara. The round neckline of the following blouse intensifies the beauty. Furthermore, the full sleeves are decorated with floral patterns. The following deep red frock is coordinated with fish cut sharara having detailed embroidery. Complete this outfit with a dupatta framed with four-sided borders and floral jaal all over.

Deep Red Blouse – Flared Lehenga – Scalloped Dupatta

Classic deep red canvas with a bold twist of the pattern!  Bridal choli in the deep red shade is a beautiful attire to wear on the big day to have an elegant and classy look. This beautiful choli is heavily embellished with crystals, pearls, dabka,tilla, kora, Kundan, stones, and Zardozi giving a magnificent touch to the lehenga choli. The round neckline of the attractive blouse makes an outfit look more sophisticated. Further, the beautiful floral patterns on three-quarter sleeves make this outfit a must-have for your day. It is paired with a heavily embellished lehenga and is a stylish choice for the gorgeous Bride. Complete this romantic article with a dupatta framed with four-sided embellished borders and sequins sprayed all over.

Deep Red Flared Pishwas – Lehenga n Dupatta

The traditional style is the new thing in the market. The stunning pishwas in the deep red shade is an eye-catching attire that gives you your desired dreamy appearance on your Big day. Beautiful work of zardozi, tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, pearls, and beads make this attire an epitome of glamour and royalty. Embellished borders, as well as the bodice, gives an enchanting touch to this pishwas. Further, the round neckline of the outfit gives a royal touch. Further, fancy floral motifs are also adorned on the sleeves of this reception wear. It is organized with a dupatta framed with a four-sided border and sparkling tiny floral motifs all over.

Beige Blouse – Gown – Flared Lehenga

This modern piece is all about extraordinary details and aesthetic vibes! A beige organza blouse is heavily embellished with dabka, naqshi, tilla, Resham, dabka, sequin and Kundan. This gown blouse dress has Mughal-inspired motifs, geometrical patterns and floral motifs. The blouse has a sweetheart neckline or a more upscale appearance and feel. Further, the gown has full sleeves adorned with floral patterns. It is supported by a flared lehenga with an embellished border for additional comfort.

Multiple Colour Maxi – Sky Blue Lehenga n Green Dupatta

Colours, like features, follow the changes in the event. A magical ethereal multiple-colour maxi is delicately embellished with a shimmering gold sequin, pearls, kora, dabka, Kundan, Zardozi and sparkling stones. The following maxi has exquisitely embroidered panels that come together to create a spectacular heritage with a fully composed bodice. The following colourful maxi has a round neckline to make this outfit amazing. It is paired up with a lehenga having an embellished border completing the stunning look. Finish this article with a green dupatta framed with four-sided borders and floral motifs all over to fulfil an elegant dream.

Peach Long Shirt – Scalloped Gharara

It's an aesthetic kinda mood. The long shirt in the wondrous peach colour is composed of ethnic handworked details and gleaming embellishments rendered artistically on a Jamawar canvas. The long shirt is layered with embroidered details with an enhanced V neckline and borders. The beautiful shirt is prominent with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and Zardozi in gold colour. Further, the intricate floral patterns on full sleeves make this outfit crazier. Complementing the shirt with gharara with elaborated borders depicts a perfect contemporary vibe.

Deep Red Blouse – Flared Lehenga – Dark Blue Dupatta

Bold, edgy, and wrapped in glamour. Deep red is the colour of love and affection and the most traditional and desirable colour for the Pakistani bride. DeemasFashion proudly presents a deep red blouse lehenga combo. The exquisitely crafted blouse has intricate zardozi, Tilla, Dabka, Kundan work and semi-precious stones. The boat shape neckline is embroidered with rich embellishments. Further, the floral patterns on three-quarter sleeves make this outfit unique and lovely. Paired this with a lehenga in the same colour that is heavily adorned with golden embroidery to celebrate your most romantic day. Complete this reception wear with a dupatta in the dark blue colour which is embellished with floral patterns as well.

Sky Blue Flared Maxi – Lehenga n Dupatta

Serving looks we love. DeemasFashion presents this party outfit in sky blue colour which is adorned with golden embroidery and further prominent with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, Zardozi and the real magic of crystals. The round neckline looks like a complete diva since it is so opulent and vibrant. Further, the full sleeves make this masterpiece lovely and charming. It is organized with a lehenga made of organza which speaks for itself. Complete this outfit with a dupatta framed with four-sided borders that have been carefully added for the additional finishing touch.

Teal Green Scalloped Pishwas – Lehenga n Dupatta

Mark your presence in this elegant Mehndi outfit. The front open scalloped pishwas in the teal green shade is adorned with hand-crafted details of tilla, dabka, Kora, Kundan and the real magic of Zardozi. It is further enhanced with golden embroidery to give a royal touch to this outstanding pishwas. The floral matters on full sleeves enhance the beauty of the outfit. In addition to this, the round neckline style of the following pishwas is absolutely breathtaking. It is paired with crushed lehenga n the same colour to enable the fairness of the outfit. Complete this stunning dress with a dupatta framed with a four-sided border to highlight your presence.

Black Long Shirt – Trousers n Dupatta

Intricate floral patterns all over! Make a style statement with this elegant embroidered long shirt adorned with golden embroidery decorated with sequins, tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, heavily embellished bodice, and floral bunches. The round neckline of the following shirt makes this article stunning and charming. The full sleeves of the shirt are also magnified with floral motifs. It is paired up with trousers in the same colour to balance the overall look of this party wear. Complete this outfit with a dupatta framed with four-sided borders and tiny floral motifs all over which is exactly a pure trendy style.

Maroon Scalloped Gown – Flared Lehenga n Dupatta

Bold and classy colour for the reception outfit! The maroon gown is breathtakingly adorned with hand-crafted embellishments and intricate designs. It is enhanced with tilla, dabka, Koran, Kundan and details of Zardozi. The round neckline is emblazoned with golden embroidery to make this masterpiece romantic. The full sleeves of the following scalloped gown are adorned with fine details. It is paired with flared lehenga which is also heavily embellished giving a royal look to the gorgeous bride. Finish this maroon outfit with a dupatta which is ornamented with four-sided borders and sequins sprayed all over to create an exquisite dress.