Step into elegance with Deemas Fashion’s expansive collection of Long Length Dresses, featuring an array of exquisite styles ranging from sophisticated maxis to timeless Pishwas. Elevate your bridal ensemble with our stunning Long Length Bridal Dresses, meticulously crafted to adorn you with grace and charm on your special day. Embrace the allure of traditional yet contemporary Long Shirts Wedding Wear, designed to make you stand out with unparalleled elegance. Each piece in our collection is a testament to refined craftsmanship and impeccable style, ensuring you exude confidence and sophistication wherever you go. Experience the epitome of grace and luxury with Deemas Fashion’s Long Length Dresses, curated to capture the essence of timeless beauty.

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Light Fawn Gown – Blouse n Capri Pants

Introducing our exquisite Walima outfit, a masterpiece designed to make your special day truly unique. This dress transcends traditional boundaries, blending intricate details of kora, dabka, tilla, Kundan, Zardozi in golden color and modern aesthetics for a captivating look. Crafted with precision and care, it exudes sophistication and elegance, ensuring you steal the spotlight. Embrace the essence of your Walima celebration with this exceptional outfit that is coordinated with capri pants and blouse, tailored to reflect your distinct style. Elevate your wedding experience with a dress that's as unique as your love story.

Light Maroon Long Shirt – Farshi Lehenga

Love is not just looking at your styling, it's looking at your dress also. This beautiful reception wear features a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern, to suit every bride's unique taste. Delicate embellishments like tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and Zardozi add an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to this dress. The round neckline gives a royal touch to this outfit. Further, the full sleeve of the long shirt makes it unique. It is coordinated with a Farshi-style lehenga which is full of shimmer, we have a dress that will make you feel beautiful and confident on your special day. To complete this outfit it is systemized with a dupatta framed with a four-sided border and a floral jaal all over.

Teal Blue Scalloped Long Shirt – Frilled Lehenga n Dupatta

Elevate your Mehndi celebration with our stunning teal blue Mehndi outfit, a perfect embodiment of vibrant colours and intricate design. Crafted with silver and multiple shades of embroidery which includes tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of Zardozi, this ensemble showcases lively patterns and exquisite embroidery, its square neckline and Angrakha style gives a touch of tradition to your special day. The long shirt is coordinated with an orange lehenga and dupatta. Its comfortable and free-flowing design ensures you move with ease as you revel in the festivities. The bright and lively colour palette adds a playful charm to your attire. Make your Mehndi ceremony unforgettable with this thoughtfully tailored outfit, guaranteed to make you the centre of attention.

Sky Blue Flared Maxi – Lehenga n Dupatta

Introducing our stunning sky-blue Walima outfit, a masterpiece of artistry and elegance. This attire showcases a harmonious fusion of traditional and modern design elements, adorned with intricate silver embellishments that include tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of Zardozi. The flowing maxi and lehenga both provide comfort and style, ensuring you radiate confidence on your special day. The fused lehenga is offered in a rich, sophisticated colour palette, ensuring you steal the spotlight with your regal presence. Finish this article with a dupatta framed with four-sided embellished borders and sequins spray.

Teal Angrakha – Trousers n Dupatta

Experience timeless elegance with our Pakistani Teal Angrakha party dress, a fusion of tradition and contemporary style. This stunning ensemble features an Angrakha-style top in rich teal, adorned with intricate embellishments and paired with complementing trousers and a beautifully coordinated dupatta. The outfit's regal golden embroidery which involves tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, and fine craftsmanship ensures an opulent and graceful appearance, perfect for celebratory occasions. The comfortable yet stylish cut allows freedom of movement, while the vibrant colour and detailed embroidery make it an exquisite choice for any festivity. Embrace sophistication and cultural heritage with this meticulously crafted Pakistani party dress, ideal for making a statement at any event.

Violet Front Open Long Shirt n Sharara

Elevate your style with our Pakistani Violet Front Open Long Shirt and Sharara party dress, a blend of sophistication and modern flair. This captivating ensemble of tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, and Zardozi boasts a long shirt in a rich violet hue, adorned with exquisite detailing and paired elegantly with a matching sharara. The ensemble’s regal design and intricate embellishments exude opulence and grace, perfect for celebratory events. The graceful, flowing silhouette ensures both comfort and an elegant appearance, making it an ideal choice for special occasions. Embrace tradition and contemporary fashion with this meticulously tailored Pakistani party dress, guaranteed to make you stand out at any gathering.

Violet Scalloped Long Shirt Silky Tea Rose Lehenga

Introducing our stunning Nikah outfit in a rich violet hue, featuring a beautifully detailed Scalloped Long Shirt paired with a luxurious Silky Tea Rose Lehenga. This ensemble embodies sophistication and tradition with its intricate silver and multi-colour embellishments and elegant design which involves tilla, dabka, Kora and real magic of Zardozi that is perfect for the sacred union of Nikah. The regal attire offers a graceful and flattering silhouette, ensuring comfort and a majestic presence on your special day. The harmonious combination of colours and meticulous craftsmanship make it an exquisite choice for this solemn occasion. Elevate the sanctity of your union with this meticulously crafted Nikah outfit, designed to enhance your beauty and radiance.

Maroon Shirt – Brocade Lehenga with Frill – Tissue Dupatta

Unique and eye-catching styles keep you looking effortlessly graceful. The maroon colour is the perfect feminine and delicate shade with its meticulously crafted untruth The gorgeous shirt is embellished with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, and Zardozi. The colour of the embroidery is Antique. Everyone is captivated by the shirt’s boat-shaped neckline. Moreover, the shirt’s full sleeves are embellished with floral designs. It is coordinated with a lehenga with a beautiful border embellished. Complete this outfit with a dupatta framed with four-sided embellished scalloped borders.

Teal Blue Long Shirt Trousers – Peach Dupatta

This dazzling yet elegant ensemble is perfect to make a statement at any event.  The Long shirt for a teal blue party dress is embellished with multiple colour embroidery, prominent with dabka, stones, tilla, and crystals. The boat-shaped neckline is decorated with embroidery and full-length sleeves. The fabric used for the shirt is velvet. It is paired with jamawar trousers in the same colour that is unique in style. Finish this party wear with a scalloped dupatta framed with a four-sided border and ting floral motifs all over that is the perfect choice for a party.

Mint Green Long Shirt – Flared Lehenga

The timelessly classic mint green nikah outfit! The beautiful model looks ravishing in this mint green shirt, heavily hand-embellished with floral motifs and sequins spray. The back of the shirt is sprayed with sequins and has an embellished border; an embellished front and back panel border makes this outfit unique. The V-shaped neckline adds super beauty to the outfit which involves tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of crystals. Further, the sleeveless style is for extra comfort zone. It is paired with a flared lehenga with an intricately embellished border.

Nikah Bridal Wear Light Fawn Front Open Heavy Maxi – Lehenga

Make a statement with a light fawn article on your nikah day! DeemasFashion presents the light fawn heavy maxi which is embellished with silver embroidery using dabka, tilla, kora, Zardozi, Swarovski, Mukesh, sequin and Kundan. The strap neckline adds a little romanticness to the dress. Further, the floral patterns on full sleeves make this masterpiece modern and unique. It is paired with a  lehenga, embellished with a delicate border. It is styled with a dupatta; its surface is sprayed with sequin and the dupatta is enveloped by a heavily embellished floral border.    

Ivory Floor Length Kaftan for Nikkah

A little classy, a little sassy – that’s your style! An ivory floor-length kaftan with hand embellished work using dabka, naqshi, cut dana, Resham,  Mukesh, sequin and Kundan.  The beauty of this bridal lies in the geometric pattern of light golden embroidery. The V-shaped neckline is the finishing royal touch. Further, the floral motifs on full sleeves make this nikah outfit romantic and charming.  By layering this item, you can make any simple event better.

Light Orange Long Shirt – Crushed Sharara – Dupatta

The silver and golden embroidery is the highlight of the party outfit! Keep it dreamy and classic with Deemas Fashion. The handsome light orange long shirt is gracefully embellished with silver and gold embroidery that gives you a head-turning appearance on the wedding day. The shirt is enhanced with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, and crystals. The round neckline of the shirt makes this glamorous attire an epitome of royalty and grace. It is paired up with crushed sharara to make this masterpiece unique.  A light orange dupatta has a sequin-sprayed surface with branching tiny floral motifs all over. The beautifully embellished border envelopes the dupatta.  

Pale Green Blouse – Long Shirt – Trousers n Dupatta

Bringing in the Nikah spirit with some flowers. Exquisite nikkah long shirt dress in pale green colour with silver pearl, sequin, kora, dabka, tilla, Zardozi, and Kundan embroidery accents. The embroidery on the whole length of the sleeves is done in flowery designs. This masterpiece is extremely special and endearing because of the boat-shaped neckline. The inner blouse of the beautiful outfit is embellished with embroidery. Also, the trousers make a wonderful match for the dupatta. To balance the entire ensemble, it is arranged with a dupatta. 

Light Orange Scalloped Shirt – Flare Sharara – Dupatta

Get yourself a sweet treat, as this ensemble showcases the majestic light orange colour inscribed with lustrous embellishments. A combination of light orange attached gently to the organza scalloped shirt heightened with silver embroidery. The shirt is intensified with tones of dabka, tilla, kora and blossoms of Resham coupled with a defined sweetheart neckline along with full sleeves. It is coordinated with a flared sharara which is embellished with floral motifs and ornamented borders. This outfit establishes a vibe of its own on your Walima day when finished with a dupatta which is framed with four-sided borders and sequins sprayed all over.

Ice Blue Front Open Long Shirt – Lehenga

Shine and sparkle in this ice-blue nikah outfit! A mesmerizing long shirt stuns in a beautifully handcrafted silver embroidery enshrined with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, Zardozi, stones and the real magic of crystals. The jewel neckline has detailed intricate floral patterns. The sleeveless style of this ice blue front open shirt is the true essence of DeemasFashion. It is organized with a plain lehenga in the same colour to complete your stylish appearance.

Soft Green Blouse – Long Shirt – Trousers n Dupatta

It’s bright, it's bold, it’s crosshatch. DeemasFashion presents the soft green and teal blue combo party outfit. The long shirt is heavily adorned with tilla,dabka, Kora, Kundan and the magical details of Zardozi. It is prominent with fine details of silver embroidery. The V neckline has delicate handwork to enhance the masterpiece. Further, the full sleeves also add super beauty to the outfit. It is paired up with plain trousers and a blouse to balance the overall outfit so that you are just the shining star of the show. Complete this handsome look with teal blue dupatta which is embellished with four-sided borders and sequins sprayed all over.

Black Long Shirt – Trousers n Dupatta

Intricate floral patterns all over! Make a style statement with this elegant embroidered long shirt adorned with golden embroidery decorated with sequins, tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan, heavily embellished bodice, and floral bunches. The round neckline of the following shirt makes this article stunning and charming. The full sleeves of the shirt are also magnified with floral motifs. It is paired up with trousers in the same colour to balance the overall look of this party wear. Complete this outfit with a dupatta framed with four-sided borders and tiny floral motifs all over which is exactly a pure trendy style.

Black Velvet Long Shirt n Trousers – Double Tone Dupatta

This outfit glam up in our detailed embroidered fabrics made to make you shine for every occasion. The black long shirt in premium quality velvet is beautifully decorated with multiple colour embroidery which is further enhanced with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and the real magic of Zardozi. The following shirt has an embellished neckline to meet the trending grace. Further, the half sleeves are adorned with floral motifs. It is coordinated with trousers in the same colour to balance the overall royal look of this party wear. Complete this article with a dupatta in the double shade that is a beautiful piece for a bridesmaid who has a unique taste.

Deep Crimson Long Shirt – Sharara – Green Dupatta

Dreamy details that scream crimson. The day outfits you need to shine your light. DeemasFashion presents this party wear which includes a long shirt, sharara and dupatta. The deep crimson shirt gives that air of regality with its stunning work with hints of tilla, dabka, kora, and Kundan scattered with champagne-mixed stones to balance the tones. The following long silhouette velvet shirt features zari and zardozi embroidery details on the embellished neckline. Further, the full sleeves are also decorated with floral motifs. It is systemized with sharara in the same colour to balance the royal look. Finish this article with a dupatta in green colour which is adorned with tiny floral motifs all over to brighten the day.

Teal Green Long Shirt – Plum Trousers – Dupatta

Brighten up your day with this beautiful ensemble. This long shirt style in a teal green colour is a perfect outfit that gives you a royal look on the festive occasion. The embroidered neckline and full sleeves make this outfit an epitome of beauty. Further, Embroidery work which enhances with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and lavish designs makes this outfit your priority for the day. It is paired with plum trousers which have finished edges to balance the overall look of the day. Complete this party wear with a dupatta in pink colour sparkling sequins spray all over.

Peach Front Open Shirt – Sharara n Dupatta

Get ready to lost in the world with floral and trendy designs. This dress is beautifully decorated with heavy embroidery. It is highlighted with kora, dabka, tilla, sequins and pearls. The shirt is enhanced with zardozi work on a jewel neckline. It comes with a plain sharara in the same colour to balance the beautiful outfit. It is coordinated with a tissue dupatta which is sprinkled with sequins all over it. It is further furnished with a four-sided embellished border giving a perfectly glamorous look to the whole nikah wear.

Pale Green Front Open Shirt – Golden Lehenga n Dupatta

It's where words are not necessary – the outfit does all the talking! A beautiful designed pale green long shirt on an organza base has intricate details of gold, sequin, tilla, dabka, kora and tilla. A contrasting golden embroidery on the round neckline and on full sleeves is the star of the show. Each floral motif is so special, well-researched and strategically put together to create this spellbinding magic using the most gorgeous colour palette. It is paired with brocade lehenga to balance the whole outfit in a golden colour. Last but not least, the mehndi wear has a dupatta which is adorned with a four-sided embellished border in the most stunning way.

Teal Blue Scalloped Long Shirt – Lehenga n Dupatta

Let the outfit speak for itself! DeemasFashion presents this mehndi wear in teal blue colour.  Be a centre of attraction by donning this beautiful teal blue long shirt embellished with tilla, dabka, kora, Kundan and sequins work which is further intensified with silver and golden embroidery. The shirt is emphasized with a sweetheart neckline and full sleeves to make your day super romantic. It is organized with a lehenga which is embellished with embroidered floral motifs to explain the love of the bride. To finish this article, the last but not least piece comes that is the dupatta which is adorned with four-sided heavily embellished borders and sequins spray that accentuates the whole look.